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Trio Programs

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The TRiO programs are three federally-funded programs that help students who are either 1) lower-income or 2) they are the first in their family to go to college. 

TRiO programs are aimed at helping students get into college, and making sure they succeed.

Student Support ServicesStudent Support Services helps low-income and first-generation students in college. The program provides tutoring, advising, special workshops, and can provide financial assistance for books and other expenses. Learn More.

Upward BoundUpward Bound is a federally funded pre-college program for high school students, that provides them with skills they need to succeed in college. Learn More.

Educational Talent SearchEducational Talent Search at Columbus State is a pre-collegiate program serving students who are enrolled in (or who have dropped out) of grades 6-12 and who live in select areas within the Columbus Public School District. Learn More.