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Daniel Ledden - Seeing Results

Daniel Ledden picked a career where it's easy to see results.

Ledden, 21, graduated Dec. 14 with two degrees in Sport & Exercise Studies, one in Exercise Science and one in Sport Management. He tacked on an Exercise Specialist certificate for good measure.

Ledden has already obtained his Certified Personal Trainer license from the National Strength & Conditioning Association, and sees private clients part-time. He likes the exercise field because it's possible to see a definite improvement in your health.

He's seen it in his own life, and he's helped family members and clients get in shape.

His next step is to transfer to a four-year college and complete a bachelor's degree. That'll allow him to obtain more certifications and open up more job opportunities.

Helping people transfer is a Columbus State specialty. Columbus State offers two-year degrees in more than 50 Career & Tech fields like Sport & Exercise Science, as well as a general-purpose transfer degree. Transfer programs allow students to start a bachelor's without racking up a pile of debt.

"I recommend that for anybody," Ledden says. "Just got to Columbus State and get your general education classes out of the way. My credits will transfer."

Ledden isn't sure which college he's going to next, and he's still trying to decide where to live. Luckily, his Columbus State classes will transfer, and his credentials allow him to work anywhere in the country.

Because if there's one thing Ledden has learned, it's that putting in the work gets you results. "As a personal trainer, you have unlimited power to go where you want, make the income you want, and be your own boss."