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Jason Dickson

Jason Dickson has earned the impressive distinction of being the first person at ODW Logistics to complete the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) SCProTM Fundamentals Certification series. In fact, he’s one of only 600 people in the U.S. to have earned all eight certifications, making his accomplishment that much more impressive.

Designed by Columbus State Community College in conjunction with CSCMP and a consortium of 11 colleges and universities, the series provides online, self-paced instruction that prepares professionals to pass SCProTM Fundamentals Certification exams in eight key areas of supply chain management. Jason says when the series was first offered at ODW Logistics, it consisted of five courses and he set a goal to complete all five. As he moved along, more certification courses were added to the series, so Jason had to refine that goal. “The more they added, the more I signed up for. I set out to complete all the courses, so I ended up completing eight instead of just the original five.”

ODW Logistics Learning and Development Manager, Corey Johnson, says “Jason a great example of what motivated individuals can accomplish when they recognize opportunities for growth. At ODW we emphasize skill development through internal and external training. Our partnership with Columbus State has helped us expand our offerings to build on specific skills related to our industry.”

Jason’s job as Inventory Manager was helpful in many of the courses. “Some of what we learned involved skills that I already had, but didn’t know the theory behind them. Learning that part helps you get the bigger picture of best practices and how to put them to work for your company.”

Along with familiar topics, the SCProTM classes took Jason into new territory. “My career has been on the retail and warehouse side so I wasn’t that familiar with the manufacturing aspects. The course really rounded out my supply chain knowledge.”

In addition to adding to his own knowledge, Jason hopes his accomplishment serves to inspire others to take SCProTM Fundamentals Certification courses. “Like a lot of people, I put 40-plus hours a week in on the job, so I’ve shown that taking the courses really is a manageable no matter what your schedule is.

“It was truly a blessing to have been given the opportunity to take these courses, and I am a believer that one should not waste an opportunity. There’s a lot of content to learn that can help improve your performance and possibly open new doors for you.”