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Adam Keller and Eric Moritz

Eric Moritz is on his way to taking care of patients, but along the way he’s getting a lesson in taking care of students.

Moritz, 28, is at Columbus State taking science prerequisites before he applies to a naturopathic medical school. He’s taken a lot of those courses from Dr. Adam Keller, a Columbus State professor.

Moritz already has a bachelor’s degree in finance. He worked for many years as an office manager for a doctor of naturopathic medicine, and decided to enter the field himself. He plans to help patients with preventative care and anti-aging.

But to get there, he needed to fulfill science requirements.

“I looked into a lot of universities, and ultimately decided on Columbus State. I thought that I would get the best value there, it’s close to home, and it has a very high standard of education,” Mortiz said.

Returning to school as an adult was “weird,” Moritz said, but it wasn’t hard to fit in. Columbus State serves a mix of young and adult learners.

Keller can relate to that personally. He didn’t intend to become a professor, and took four years off school after high school. When he decided to return to college, he started at Columbus State.

He continued on with his studies, receiving a bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University and a Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh, then spent some time in the private sector. Along the way, he developed a desire to teach students like himself.

As a professor, Keller’s philosophy involves teaching students in the mode they’re most comfortable with. Some students learn best by reading a textbook or by hearing a lecture. Some need to get their hands on model atoms or set chemicals on fire.

“I think one of the things that really distinguishes Dr. Keller as a professor is that he’s always available to help students or answer questions, and as someone taking classes here it’s important to me to have a professor who cares and is there to help when you need help,” Moritz said.