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Joseph Miller

Joseph Miller graduates Sept. 9 with a degree in Civil Engineering Technology. Here, he tells about the professors who helped him get there.

Not in my wildest imagination, did I ever think I would be holding a college degree certificate in my hand, let alone one being in the field of Civil Engineering. Time went by so fast. I never thought I would make it through the math classes, and it was a huge challenge for me.

I never would have been able to make it without the help of Dr. Greg Goodhart, who was one of my first algebra teachers. Not only did he help me with the class he taught me, he also continued to help me with the rest of my remaining classes (math) that I was required to take. I made countless trips to his office for help and he was always more than glad to help, I will forever be grateful.

Being older, I thought this would be way over my head, as I hadn’t had but a basic algebra course once in my life back in high school. I would recommend Columbus State Community College over any other institution without a doubt.

I found the same treatment in the Engineering department. Any time I had questions for any class, I could walk straight into the office and find an instructor who would be willing to help me. My relationship with the instructors grew into friendships which I will never forget.

Dr. Margaret Owens was always willing to take time out to give me advice. If she couldn’t answer my questions she would find out who could and put me in contact with them. It was truly an honor to study under Bob Mergel and Dallas Morlan. As I have ventured out into the workforce in Columbus, I found that they are both very well respected and well-known. I spent hours with Dallas, one-on-one, learning valuable information about the field.

Anthony Stuart is nothing short of a genius! Hydraulics was a bear, however; with Stuart’s help, I got through it. Forgive me for not mentioning the rest of my instructors. They all played a huge role in my education. Every last one was always ready to help me when I needed it!

Columbus State was nothing short of an awesome experience, and I already miss it! Thanks again for making a dream come true!

Miller’s teachers were impressed with him, too. “Mr. Miller is an excellent example of an individual doing things they never thought they could,” says Prof. Dean Bortz, coordinator of Construction Management.