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Kelly Liddy - Finishing her degree online

Kelly Liddy, who graduated with an associate degree in Business Management in March 2011, tells us her Columbus State story in her own words.

My Columbus State Story: A year after high school graduation I realized I wanted to go on to college. I took a student loan and enrolled at Columbus State. That was over 20 years ago. For several years, I worked full time and attended college part time. As my life filled up with work and family it was hard to juggle everything. So I decided I would wait and finish my degree later.

When my youngest child started school I decided it was time to take care of that unfinished goal. Since I now live two hours from Columbus State, my intent was to look into local colleges. I called Columbus State to obtain my records; in doing this the operator told me I could access my records online. I was surprised to find out I had only eight classes left to obtain my degree.

Since all of my remaining classes were online, finishing my degree at Columbus State became an option. In addition I applied for and was awarded the Think Again Scholarship. Columbus State helped me get started on my degree many years ago and then, years later, helped me complete it.

It feels great to finally complete this goal. Not only is this an accomplishment for myself, I have sent valuable message to my children in the way of the value of education throughout life and the importance of never giving up on the goals you set for yourself.

My Next Goal: I hope to further my education by obtaining my bachelors with a major in finance and possibly go on to obtain my MBA.