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Amy Morrisey - Reaching Her Potential

Amy Morrisey started at Columbus State in the 1980s, but wasn't ready for college yet. She returned in 2009 and thrived. Here, she tells her Columbus State story in her own words.

I started working in real estate sales in 2001, but could not achieve my goal of becoming a broker without 90 hours of college credit, in addition to courses for the Ohio Brokers Exam. My father was a broker in my family's real estate company, and I would need a broker's license in order to take over the family business.

I enrolled full time at Columbus State in fall 2009 and took classes for 3 years to earn the credit needed to sit for the exam. I graduated with a degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship in spring 2012, and earned my broker's license on November 19, 2012. I have been the broker-owner of Casasanta Realty since January 2012.

College was difficult for me the first time. I attended Columbus State after graduating from Westland High School in 1988, and tried to come back a few different times while raising my family.

I was able to reenter the college in 2009 with the Think Again scholarship, which gives grants to first-time or returning adult students. It got me on my feet. My classes have really helped me run my own business, especially the ones in entrepreneurship.

My experience even inspired my 20-year-old son to go to college, and I hope others will want to do the same. Spread the word so other adult learners can return to college and complete their dreams of a college degree!

Columbus State offers associate degrees in Business Management for people seeking entry-level business work, or those who want to add business skills to advance their careers. We also offer degrees in Real Estate, including the four-sequence course needed to sit for a Realtor's license.