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Jez Alogla - Personal Story

Within a year after graduating high school, I was married, obtained an excellent position with a local home builder, and owned a brand new home. I had accomplished all of this by the time I was 19 years old while every one of my friends were merely freshmen in college. Why would I ever want or need higher education at this pace?

Several years later in 2008, my friends had obtained college degrees and were now beginning their own careers as nurses, doctors, accountants and entrepreneurs. Coincidentally, this was also about the time that the housing market plummeted and brought with it the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. This combination no longer allowed me to feel as if I were “safe” in my career.

I began my Columbus State journey to obtain a Construction Management degree Winter Quarter of 2009. After being in and around the construction industry for eight years I felt that I knew most everything there was to know about construction. Boy, was I wrong!

The Construction Management program is tailored such that the student is taught how to become a well-rounded construction manager who understands all facets of construction and is capable of running or starting a construction business. Not only did the courses help me to master the skills I already had, such as blue print reading and field management, they provided me the opportunity to gain experience with Timberline estimating software, Auto CAD drafting software, and Primavera scheduling software.

The final construction management course (CMGT 261) is a “capstone” of the Construction Management program. Students are provided with a set of prints for a large project and given nine weeks to estimate the materials, overall project cost, and production schedule.

Columbus State’s class structure and versatile course offerings have made it possible to obtain a degree in the evening and during weekends while maintaining my career. Going to college as an adult is more challenging, but Columbus State is geared toward making the process as smooth as possible.

Lastly, the Construction Management instructors have backgrounds in the construction industry and can challenge you no matter your experience level. The additional kicker is that they actually care about the student and make time no matter when or where to accommodate issues or questions. Dean Bortz and Dave Busch have gone out of their way to take me under their wing and mentor me throughout this exciting journey.