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Marty Remle - Navy vet finds new career in logistics

Retiring after 20 years in the Navy, Marty Remle was looking to start a new career in the civilian world. At a job fair, he found Columbus State's LogisticsART program.

Funded by a Department of Labor grant, LogisticsART (Attracting & Retaining Talent) was designed to train workers needed for the fast-growing logistics companies in Central Ohio. Although many Central Ohioans are out of work, businesses still have trouble finding people with the right skills to fill their jobs.

The program allowed Remle to step right into one of those open jobs. After graduating the program in April, Remle landed a job this fall with Boar's Head, which just opened a new distribution center near Rickenbacker International Airport in South Columbus.

"I'd recommend it to everybody who's looking for an entry-level opportunity in the logistics field, because logistics is such a large part of the job market here in Columbus," Remle says.

Remle had some skills from the Navy, such as maintaining inventory and ordering replacement parts, but LogisticsART added more hands-world education. Remle trained on the same equipment he uses on the job site.

In addition to logistics skills, LogisticsART provided key lessons in job-search skills like interviewing and writing a resume. It's because of that commitment to employment that the program enjoys job-placement rate of nearly 80 percent. Some 1,463 Central Ohioans have gone through the program so far.

Logistics is an up-and-coming field in Central Ohio, thanks to the region's strategic position near much of the U.S. population. Funding for the LogisticsART grant has ended, but individuals can still join this exciting industry by completing degree and certificate programs in Supply Chain Management.

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