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Terri Handshoe

Terri Handshoe just achieved another milestone in her remarkable life's journey. The 53-year-old, who is deaf, provided the keynote speech at her graduation from LogisticsART, a three-week program to train logistics workers.

A translator was on hand to translate her sign language onto verbal language for the audience.

Handshoe was born deaf but her parents did not know the seriousness of her condition until she was 5 years old. After dropping out of high school, she later earned her GED before eventually earning bachelor's and master's degrees.

Most recently, she worked for the IRS until that office was relocated.

"The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services sent me information about the programs offered at Columbus State," says Handshoe. "One of them was LogisticsART. I liked how that program prepares you for the current job market with job-readiness skills and a trade that is marketable. I have always believed that with the right program and the right training, deaf people can obtain good jobs."

Handshoe's goal is to open up her own consignment retail store and she says her new training helped her prepare for the logistics that would be involved.

The LogisticsART (Attracting and Retaining Talent) program was made possible with a $4.6 million Department of Labor grant in 2010. The three-year goal is to train entry-level and mid-level logistics workers in eight central Ohio counties. The ongoing three-week training program has had 681 graduates so far.