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Brandon Cornute

For many years, Brandon Cornute worked as a telecommunications contractor, but his real interest lay in politics. His wife Mallory and parents (Sheri Cornute and Juan Easley) kept urging him to go back to school and follow his passion and, as Brandon put it, “I finally realized they were right.”

Brandon is currently attending Columbus State, pursuing an Associate of Arts, and plans to transfer on to receive his bachelor’s degree in political science, with a secondary teaching license in social science.

“That will allow me to teach political science in high school, and spark political interest in young people.” And Brandon knows whereof he speaks – he credits one of his own high school teachers, Kay Sloane, with awakening his political interests.

“I was always interested in studying how people interact, so politics was a natural fit for me. People are very passionate about their politics, so it makes for lots of interesting – and even sometimes intense – human interaction.”

As a member of Phi Theta Kappa, the community college honors society, Brandon was immediately interested when the Honors Program was announced. “I like taking classes and networking with other people who are committed to success and will push me to do my best. I want to get everything I can out of my education, and being around others who feel the same way inspires me to do new things and go the extra mile.”

Brandon is now a member of the Honors Program’s inaugural class and president of Phi Theta Kappa. "I truly believe any student in the Honors Program would be amazed at the work done within their local chapter of Phi Theta Kappa and opportunities that will become available upon being members of both."

Brandon began his studies at Columbus State in fall of 2012 and expects to graduate in 2015, but he won’t be leaving Columbus State altogether. “Even after I complete all my degree requirements, there are still so many classes at Columbus State that I can take toward my bachelor’s degree. I’ll be back taking classes as a transient student after I graduate.”

With his ultimate goal of earning a Ph.D. in political science, who knows? Maybe one day, Brandon will be back at Columbus State again – as a political science professor.