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Frank Aaron Brown - Spoken Word

Frank Aaron Brown may be best known around campus for an electrifying spoken word performance at the college’s 2015 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration. But that barely scratches the surface for this 26-year-old student.

Brown brought down the house at the Jan. 15 MLK celebration with his piece, “The Urgency of Now.”

“The urgency of now is the only thing standing / In between those who are moving and those who are standing.”

Although he’s been doing spoken word for more than 10 years, it was a personal high point. He got a personal invitation to meet afterward with the event’s keynote speaker, Rev. Al Sharpton.

“’Young man,’ he said, ‘you have a lot of potential to do great things. So keep going. Just keep going,’” Sharpton told him.

Brown has balanced a dizzying array of activities at Columbus State. He is currently a Diversity Peer Educator with Global Diversity and Inclusion, where he acts as the student coordinator for the M.A.N. Initiative program. He has acted as vice president of the American Sign Language club, co-founder of the African Descendants Union, member of the Cross Country club, member of Cougars for the Community, member of the PONO Learning Community. He also served as a Student Ambassador for Student Engagement and Leadership (SEaL).

Not only does Frank serve the country in the Army National Guard as a (12T) Technical Engineer, but he also serves the community as a public speaker and the “Motivational, Inspirational, Poet.”

“I have big goals and big dreams,” Brown said. “Nobody is going to push me harder than I push myself.”

Brown took a winding route to Columbus State. He graduated high school in Maryland but moved to Ohio to be with family. He started at two four-year colleges and, although he had plenty of extracurricular activities, he didn’t quite find his academic goal. He took a break from college.

He found that academic goal in Philosophy, and that’s what brought him back to college. Brown plans to earn his Associate of Arts degree, and then transfer to the Ohio State University to study Philosophy. His ultimate goal is to utilize his experiences and further his education while studying abroad, focusing in either Theology or Politics.

Brown appreciates the opportunities beyond measure here at Columbus State to be involved in extracurricular activities that have enhanced his leadership skills. Also his professors have gone the extra mile to provide encouragement. He specifically gives thanks to Joleigh Greer in Mathematics, Christopher Sims in English, Kristy Guthrie in American Sign Language and Rick McCasland in Logic.

Philosophy is the study of several complex ideas that have attracted the best minds of the ages, Brown said. It’s a way of learning “what you don’t know that you don’t know,” as Socrates put it.

“Philosophy asks questions that don’t necessarily have specific answers, because it’s all a matter of perspective and I love it,” Brown said.

Brown’s personal philosophy: “Anyone can defy the odds and reach their highest potential, despite their race, gender, ethnicity, and cultural background; but, the need for a paradigm shift and a new mentality is a prerequisite.”

“When you understand people, when you do right by people, I believe that good things will come into your life.”

Frank Brown MC