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Lashana Crone - Never Quit

Lashana Crone started her college education straight out of high school, but, as a teen mother, she became acutely aware of life’s tendency to throw curve balls.

The Columbus native planned to become a criminal attorney but she knew it’d be hard to commit to the long years of schooling it required with a young child.

“Becoming a teenage mother changed my career focus, however; I never lost interest in that area, so I decided to study Criminology,” Crone said.

She started her education at Columbus State, then transferred to The Ohio State University to earn her bachelor’s degree in Criminology with a minor in Sociology. She later went on to earn her master’s degree in Administration from Central Michigan University.

Many students take advantage of Columbus State’s Transfer Programs to start their bachelor’s degree and save money. Students can complete an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree (which fulfills the first two years of a bachelor’s degree) and then transfer to a four-year university to finish. Columbus State’s tuition is about $4,000 for a full year, which can save 30 percent off the cost of a bachelor’s degree.

Despite the extra challenges in her home life, Crone said that she is glad that her classes at Columbus State were rigorous and thorough. Her courses gave her a solid foundation for the rest of her education.

“The complexity of the course work, the knowledge and experiences of the professors, and the classes at Columbus State prepared me for my transition to The Ohio State University,” she said. “I remember thinking Columbus State is a first-class collegiate educational system.”

One of the most important aspects to Crone was the availability of her professors.

“I remember taking Jonathan Baker's stats class,” she said. “Stats was a very challenging course for me, but he took the time to meet with me and other students after class to go over material that we were still struggling with.”

Today, Crone works as an enterprise leader development program manager at Defense Logistics Agency, which maintains a major logistical hub in east Columbus. She oversees several large programs.

“I believe my educational success was a direct result of the quality of education I received at Columbus State,” she said. “A bonus for me is that I enjoy what I do, so that makes it even sweeter.”

Recently, Crone was asked to speak at an alumni event at Central Michigan University, where she recounted her educational journey and gave out some advice to incoming students.

“Never quit, even when quitting seems like the only option. You may have to take a pause here and there, but never give up.”