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As triplets, Jocelyn, Elijah (Eli) and Darian Sapp have a lot in common – including the decision to start their college careers at Columbus State. But when it comes to career goals, these three couldn’t be more different.

The oldest triplet, Jocelyn, aspires to be an early childhood teacher. She’s pursuing an Associate of Arts at Columbus State with plans to transfer to Ohio State to major in education. Jocelyn always knew she wanted to teach. “As a kid, we would play school and I was always the teacher,” she laughs, “I would have my siblings do math problems on the chalk board before we went out to ride our bikes.”

Eli on the other hand, took little longer to define his career goal of civil engineering. “Our high school offered a four-year program that let us explore engineering. At first I was thinking mechanical engineering, but I was drawn to civil engineering.” Eli says the challenge of working for a city to design roadways and infrastructure sounds intriguing. He also plans to transfer to OSU after earning an Associate of Science.

Rounding out the diverse career choices is Darian, the youngest triplet. “I’m really interested in nutrition and how food affects our overall health,” she says. She is planning a career as a Dietician, also with the goal of studying at Ohio State after completing her Associate of Science. Although not sure exactly where the career will lead her, she know she wants to stay in Columbus and close to home – something that was also important in her college choice

The triplets’ parents, Mike and Korinne Sapp, say that each sibling found Columbus State in their own way. “Jocelyn and Eli knew right away they wanted to go to Columbus State. Darian explored other options and went on college visits. But in the end, she didn’t want to leave home so she followed her brother and sister to Columbus State,” says Korinne.

While Darian opted for the comforts of home, Eli and Jocelyn each live in different mission houses with friends, on the OSU campus.

These three siblings, who have shared experiences since before their very first breaths, are each finding their own unique way at Columbus State. “It’s been a really good start to college” says Eli, “I knew a lot of friends who went here and really liked it. All three of us are glad we chose Columbus State.”