Thursday, December 3, 2009

LoriLori Trent

“Lori has displayed her team player mentality while working closely with other Disability Services staff members and students”
- Tiffany McClain

Interpreter steps up to the plate When the loss of a full-time staff member temporarily left the Disability Services Department short-handed, Sign Language Interpreter Lori Trent jumped right in and took responsibility for the department’s Alternate Media Process, a very important aspect of their student services.

“Disability Services has a tremendous reputation for the wonderful services we provide,” said Trent’s supervisor Tiffany McClain. “Without Lori, the alternate media could not have been provided, a major loss to students who rely greatly on this service.”

Trent’s willingness to expand her job description to include Alternate Media Specialist earned her the December Staff Employee of the Month award. “The job was not an area of expertise for Lori, but she gladly accepted this new responsibility and not only learned the ins and outs of the process, but did it in an above and beyond manner!” said McClain.

“Lori has displayed her team player mentality while working closely with other Disability Services staff members and students. Lori provided accessible communication, ensuring success for our students,” continued McClain.

“Her positive attitude and enthusiasm for the work we do here in Disability Services is immeasurable. We are proud to call her our coworker!”




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Antivirus application to be upgraded on all employee desktopsFrom December 4 through December 10, Information Technology will be upgrading the antivirus application on all employee desktops.

- Don’t access shared documents or Colleague during this upgrade
- Upgrade to all employee computers
- Upgrade will take approximately 20 minutes
- Will not require an immediate reboot
- No user interaction required

Upgrade Schedule
Friday, Dec. 4: Eibling, Delaware, and Davidson halls
Monday, Dec. 7: Aquinas Hall and all buildings on the west side of Cleveland Ave.
Tuesday, Dec. 8: Franklin, Madison, Columbus (Library), Rhodes halls, Center for Technology and Learning, and Telephone Information Center
Wednesday, Dec. 9: Nestor and Union halls
Thursday, Dec. 10: All off-campus locations

The full employee communication can be seen here (includes screenshots as to what you will see and what to expect following the upgrade).

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Support Center at ext. 5050.

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Fraudulent Email Alert:There are bogus email messages that could appear as if they originated from The Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or other authorities to have information about Swine Flu vaccinations. The recipients are asked to go to a specific Web address to create their vaccination profile. Under no circumstances you should provide your personal information to unknown or not trusted Web sites. The Ohio Attorney General’s Office has published a warning in this regard that can be viewed at the following link:
You may copy the above link and paste into your Web browser's URL address to view the information.


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Gospel Ensemble to perform FridayThe Columbus State Gospel Vocal Ensemble, under the direction of Emma Easton
will present "The Sounds of Joy" on Friday, December 4, at 7 p.m. in Nestor
Auditorium. The concert is free and open to the public.

Experience the sights and sounds of the
holiday season with the soul-stirring
music of Donald Lawrence. This
quarter, we will also spotlight original
music by local songwriters James
Body, Tiya Rasheed and Emma
Easton. The accompanying band is
under the direction of Colin Easton,
and a special guest will be 10-year-old
youth dancer Dallas Gordon.

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Tenth Session of Adjunct Faculty Advanced Learning Workshop offered beginning in JanuaryThe Instructional Technology and Distance Learning Department invites all adjunct faculty members to apply to the 10th session of the Adjunct Faculty Advanced Learning Workshop, Winter Quarter 2010. It will be held Fridays, January 15, February 5, and March 5, from 7:45 a.m.–4:30 p.m. Breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack will be provided.

This event will be held at the Center for Teaching and Learning Innovation and in the Workforce Development Center. The program is open to all adjunct faculty members who have a current and/or Winter 2010 teaching assignment. Dr. Carol Himelhoch, an associate professor at Cleary College and a specialist in adjunct faculty development, will lead the workshop.

The workshop is based on Ken Bain's book “What the Best College Teachers Do” and will help participants:

  • Develop an understanding of learning styles and their application to teaching
  • Use assessment tools to measure general learning outcomes
  • Integrate technology into the teaching-learning process
  • Share rewarding and challenging classroom experiences with colleagues
  • Participate in an on-line learning community hosted by Dr. Himelhoch
  • Complete a final project applying workshop skills in the classroom

The deadline for applying to the winter 2010 program is Friday, December 11.

Applications can be found online here. Send completed applications to Rosemary Mayberry, CT 107.

cell phoneHoliday safety tips from your friends in Public SafetyNothing can ruin the holiday spirit faster than becoming a victim. The following tips are meant to keep you in the holiday spirit, protect your homes, and maintain the excellent safety record at Columbus State!

On-Campus Tips:

  • While on campus, call Public Safety at Ext. 2525 if you’d like a security escort, especially after dark. It might seem lonely around here on break, but your friends at Public Safety are here to help you, 24/7/365.

  • Have your car keys in hand. Check the car interior before entering it. Make sure you were not followed.

  • Report all suspicious behaviors to police, Ext. 2525, or 287-2525 from your cell phone. If something doesn’t look right, you’re probably right! CSCC campus police are here around the clock, every day!

gift box

Last minute shopping and holiday party safety:

  • Keep holiday presents and valuables out of view. Your car trunk is your best bet. Don’t create a target for theft.

  • In your rush of last-minute shopping, don’t leave your purse in the shopping cart. Park in well lit areas, not in an obscure space that someone could be lurking.

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Keep your cell phone in your pocket, at the ready, especially if a stranger appears to be approaching you for no reason.

  • If you carry a purse, carry an extra billfold in your coat pocket to stash your cash and credit cards, in case your purse is snatched. Putting some cash in the purse will make the thief believe he got away with something. You can always replace the purse, but your family cannot replace you.

  • Don’t drink and drive. It’s not worth the risk. Take a cab. Designate a driver.

Taking care at home:

  • Double check that all of your windows and doors are secure.

  • Clean out that chimney to prevent a fire—Santa will appreciate it too.

  • Blowing a fuse due to extra holiday lights means your home is about to catch fire! Drop some lights, reduce the load, re-set the circuit breaker, and return to your recliner.

  • If you don’t clean the chimney and reduce the electrical load, make sure you have replaced the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors! You may need them.

  • Pick up the newspapers. Don’t make the thieves think you’re not home.

  • Keep presents out of view from your windows—it invites a smash and grab.

  • There’s no such thing as a hidden key outside your front door—you found it didn’t you?

  • Put interior house lights on timers when you travel to grandma’s house, and don’t advertise by leaving a “not at home” message on your telephone answering service, unless you want company while you’re away.

  • While away, don’t leave an outdoor light burning during the daytime. That’s a billboard that says “We’re not home!”

  • Be green with the waste. Recycle those large cardboard computer boxes and plasma TV boxes. Don’t advertise with the empty boxes on your curb. Thieves are on patrol to see what you got for Christmas! It would be a shame to lose that 50-inch big screen before the Rose Bowl!

  • Install a locking mailbox at home to protect sensitive mail information.

Now, relax, kickback, and enjoy the holidays. We’ll watch the campus while you’re away! See you next year!


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Winter Weather closings outlined in proceduressnowy photoIt seems that our November respite from winter weather has drawn to a close and the snow and ice can’t be far behind. It’s a good time to review the college’s weather-related closing procedures so you know what to do and what to tell students when that first major snowstorm hits!

Weather-related campus closing decisions are made by the President per college procedure When wicked winter weather strikes, you should watch the TV, listen to the radio, and check the Web site for information about possible closings, delays or cancellations at Columbus State.

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Adjunct Faculty recognized in Autumn Quarter ceremonies

Bob Bartha
Shauna Sowga

Bob Bartha was awarded the Autumn Quarter 2009 Adjunct Faculty Appreciation Award from the Psychology Department. “Bob was recognized for his professionalism, affable and upbeat nature, willingness to contribute time and effort to departmental projects, and his engaging teaching methods,” said Traci Haynes, chair of the Adjunct Faculty Appreciation Committee.

The Social Science Department also recognized adjunct faculty members for their valuable contributions to the department at the Adjunct Appreciation Program held last month.

Nominees for the award this quarter were: Dale Hilty, Clayton Kie, Lara McCormick, Wendy Littlejohn, James Moore, Douglas Mpondi, Jon Racster, Tony Ruzas, Brian Saums, Shauna Sowga and Robert Wafula.

Shauna Sowga, a relatively new adjunct (Spring Quarter 2009) who teaches Popular Culture, Sociology of Deviant Behavior, Law and Society, and Sociology, was named the Autumn Quarter 2009 Adjunct Faculty Appreciation Award winner.

“Shauna brings a significant amount of life experience into the classroom and connects course concepts to everyday life in an interesting and valuable way,” said Peter Karim-Sesay, chair of the appreciation committee. “This approach has earned Shauna the praise of both her students and her peers. She is always willing to take on new challenges and to adjust her schedule at the last minute.”

Members of the Adjunct Appreciation Committee from the Social Science Department are: Peter Karim-Sesay, Tracy Little, Adam Moskowitz, Mary Reiter and Erica Swarts.

Prepare for PERFORMs Mid-Year Progress Discussions To prepare for the next step in the performance management process, Mid-Year Progress Discussions, HR will offer several 90-minute sessions through December and early January for both administrators and staff. For additional information on these optional sessions or to register follow this link:

A Mid-Year Progress Discussion takes place between supervisors and employees covered by PERFORMs about the progress on components of the Planning Guide. Once this discussion occurs it should be documented in the COOL performance management system. If you need any assistance related to a specific Mid-Year Progress Discussion please contact your HR Employment Representative.