Monday, May 3, 2010

Team Award deadline extended to May 7
Columbus State’s new Continuous Improvement Team Award, announced
by Dr. Moeller in March, will be given at the annual Employee Celebration
on June 4.

The deadline to apply for the award, for which the top team can
win $4,000, has been extended to Friday, May 7. Up to two
honorable mentions may also be awarded for up to $2,000 each.

The Team Award will recognize teams for:

  • Their contribution of time, energy and talent in supporting
    cooperation between divisions that resulted in an outcome
    enhancing or improving process improvement or one
    of the college values

  • Their development and implementation of a college
    initiative activity, program or service resulting in a cost
    benefit or cost savings for the college.

  • Their development and implementation of an innovative teaching and learning activity,
    program or service which resulted in an increase in student retention.

  • Fostering the college vision of working collaboratively to improve services resulting in improved
    access to student learning.

On the application, teams are required to provide a 2-5 page summary of their project and describe how the group project meets the college’s values and/or strategic planning goals. The team should be able to describe whether or not the desired project provided any desirable outcomes, such as significant cost savings, reduction in waste, sustainability, retention and recycling.

Teams that worked on projects during the 2009-2010 academic (calendar) year are qualified to enter. The application deadline is Friday, May 7 at 4:30 p.m. Along with the application, the team should submit a letter of support from their direct supervisor, chair or cabinet member. Applications should be sent to Carmelita Boyer in Human Resources, Rhodes Hall by mail or email.


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Vote “yes” on Issue 1 tomorrow
YES on 1The State of Ohio’s Third Frontier program has created more than 48,000 jobs for Ohioans. It returned nearly $10 on every single dollar invested. 571 new companies have been formed as well as the expansion of existing businesses. And none of it was funded by taxpayers.

This was accomplished in the first seven years of the state's Third Frontier program, renewal of which is on the May 4 ballot as State Issue 1. Columbus State encourages everyone to vote YES on May 4 for State Issue 1.

The Third Frontier program creates opportunities for our students and faculty to conduct research in areas of great promise.

All work conducted with Third Frontier funding is done in collaboration with Ohio colleges and universities and with businesses ranging from two-person start-up firms to multinational corporations.

The new jobs that grow from that venture do not all involve white coats and stethoscopes. The net employment gains are multiplied by the cascade of general support and operating needs presented by those new companies. They require office space, furniture, landscaping and accounting services, advertising help, and so much more.

As the May 4 vote approaches, consider supporting Issue 1, the renewal of Third Frontier. It has proved effective in creating jobs and developing new industries, and it does so without taxing residents.

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High school counselors visit campus
Math boothAt the annual High School Counselors Workshop held Friday in the Conference Center, Mathematics Chairman Jonathan Baker hands out materials from his department beside a poster that declares “Math Rocks!” Corey Apling, from the Conference Center, assists with A/V. Counselors first visited a showcase of departments and services available at Columbus State, then moved into workshop breakout sessions, had a luncheon, and heard from Interim Provost Mike Snider and a student discussion panel.

Upcoming seminars from ITDL
“Increasing Cognitive Engagement in the Online Classroom”
An audience favorite returns-We are bringing this popular program back for our audience members who missed it the first time around to help you take advantage of this fact-filled seminar and learn the most effective ways to engage students in the online classroom.

Keeping online students engaged is a whole different ball game. They're inundated with external distractions. So disengagement becomes a real issue. How do you prevent it? How do you keep online students from mentally "checking out," and surrendering their energy and interest to passivity and apathy?

When: Wednesday, May 5 (1 – 3 p.m.) - Register

“The Digital Lifestyle Series: Apple Gear and Podcasting”
This is the first event of an ongoing ITDL series about how you can integrate existing and emerging technologies into your day-to-day life, both on and off campus. Have you ever wondered what it takes to create a podcast? Curious about those iPods students (and maybe your colleagues) are carrying around campus? Join us for this hands-on technology session with Apple, and explore the answers to these and other questions about the exciting, engaging world of personal digital broadcasting as well as mobile learning.

NOTE: Seating for this event is limited to 20 participants.

When: Friday, May 7 (12 Noon – 3 p.m.) - Register

Christopher’s is back open for spring!
Christopher’s restaurant, the student-run dining experience, is open two nights a week for the rest of Spring Quarter! Visit Christopher’s in Eibling Hall Room 05 on Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 6:15 – 7:30 p.m. The menus are online here. Enjoy!