Monday, June 21, 2010

YOU are invited!
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The official Ribbon-cutting, Grand Opening ceremony for the Columbus State Delaware Campus will be held Monday, June 28, at 11 a.m. in the new Moeller Hall, 5100 Cornerstone Drive in Delaware. And you are invited! The event will feature a dedication and ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new building, tours, souvenir mementos and an outdoor barbecue luncheon in the spirit of the season.

Many Columbus State employees have already responded to ride a tour bus to the location, departing at 10 a.m. from Nestor Hall archway. If you have already reserved your seat, there is no need to send another RSVP.  If you have not reserved a seat on the bus but would like to come up to the ceremony in a carpool or otherwise, please go here to send your RSVP.  Directions to the new campus are also on the site. It’s easy to find, has plenty of parking, and you will be amazed at this gorgeous new campus, so hurry and RSVP today!

Special note: Can’t attend the Grand Opening ceremony?A live webcast will be available from the event on, starting at 11 a.m. June 28.

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Development Foundation Scholarship window open through July 9
graphic The CSCC Development Foundation Scholarships help our students go from a class or two—to graduation day; all with the help of the College’s amazing partners and donors. Because of this support, for the upcoming academic year the Foundation is able to offer 463 scholarships worth a total of $392,781 in 2010/2011.

Occasionally scholarships go unused when enough students do not apply. Please encourage your students to apply today. There are scholarships available for specific majors, for several different majors, or for any and all students! The listing and application period is open until Friday, July 9.  To see a listing of the scholarships available, go online here.

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New rooms available for tutoring Summer Quarter
Nestor Hall Room 212 and Eibling Hall Room 304 have been reserved exclusively for tutoring for Summer Quarter 2010 - all sessions. Department chairs or designees are encouraged to contact Dan Weinstein at, or call ext. 2232, to schedule space in these rooms for tutoring.


Dr. MoellerMissed June 10 event? See video here
With Dr. Moeller departing after 14 years as Columbus State's president, several staff and faculty members recalled her impact on the college in a video tribute that was presented at this month's retirement reception. You can see the video here.



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Go Goth to Go Green!
Print “Greener” With Century Gothic
Did you know that the simple step of changing the default type font on your computer will reduce your use of printer ink by 31 percent? For individual printers printing 25 pages a week, that is a savings of approximately $20 per year! For communal machines printing 250 pages a week, the savings goes up to $80 per year. Just think how much ink—and money—we could save across campus with this one small change!
The box below shows an average business cost comparison of Arial (the most commonly used font), Times New Roman and Century Gothic:





Average Annual
Business Cost Per Communal Printer
(Assuming 250 pages per week)

Century Gothic

11 point


Times New Roman

11 point



11 point


Retrieved from

To change your default font in Microsoft Word:
In an open document, hit CTRL-D (the control button and the “D”) to open the Font Dialog Box. Select “Century Gothic” as your type face. Click the “Default” at the bottom left of the Dialog Box and then click “Yes.” You’re green!

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