Monday, July 19, 2010

sinkhole photo

sinkhole photo

Sinkhole and leak led to water service shut off

While water service is back to normal after an unplanned shut down Friday, work continues today with remote cameras in a sewer line.  The problem first surfaced Thursday when a sinkhole appeared in the parking lot turnaround in front of Madison Hall.

Initially, it was just a foot wide and a couple of feet deep.  By Friday, the source of the problem was uncovered: a busted pipe feeding water from a 12 inch line into a ten inch line.

By the time crews from the Physical Plant were able to dig in and fix the problem on Friday they discovered the underlying sink hole was roughly four feet deep and four feet wide.  To repair the damaged pipes, water for Davidson, Madison, Nestor, Eibling and Franklin halls had to be shut off for nearly five hours Friday afternoon.  Facilities crews replaced the valves and pipes involved.

Jim Spencer, Assistant Director of the Physical Plant, estimates the water leak began mid week and washed away quite a bit of dirt and fill around the pipes.  He says his team will use a remote camera today in a nearby sewer line. “That dirt had to go somewhere,” he says. “We want to make sure it’s not going to clog up a sewer line.”  




Record Summer Enrollment Nearly Matches Autumn a Decade Ago
student on campusTo say the heat is on at Columbus State Community College would be an understatement this year. The official census count for summer shows 18,444 students registered. That’s nearly 12 percent above the 16,490 students enrolled last summer.

What’s more, this year’s total aligns with the number of students the college once had for autumn quarter – generally the term with the largest number of students. In the autumn of 1998, there were 18,623 students enrolled – barely above this year’s summer quarter.

Total FTE for Summer 2010 stands at 10,780.72 compared to 9474.65 FTE from the Summer 2009 census day report - a 13.8% increase.   

The Quick Glance data for Summer 2010 can be found at: and includes comparison headcounts and FTEs by college, distance and off-campus centers. You will also see three-year census-day trends for total enrollments and FTE, distance enrollments and FTE, and off-campus center enrollment and FTE. 

A more detailed report with department summaries will be forthcoming; watch for an announcement soon as to their availability on the intranet.

If you have any questions, please contact Jim Hamberg, Program Coordinator, Knowledge Resources and Planning


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Bookstore BeBop
Have a musical talent?  The Bookstore needs you! In an effort to drum up attention and toot their own horns, managers at the DX are planning on occasional lunchtime acoustic instrumental jam sessions. Schedules will depend on response. If you’d like to take the stage for two hours from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. sometime soon contact Stacey Mulinax: 287-5128

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Measuring Learning Webinar
Today - Monday, July 19 (2:00 PM - 3:00 PM) –
Innovation Center, CT 107

Employing an effective learning measurement strategy is critical for learning leaders. Leaders strive to implement strategies for measuring content and organizational effectiveness. As a leading training business process outsourcing provider, GP is frequently asked to implement strategies for measuring the organizational effectiveness of learning and development. Bersin & Associates has developed the Bersin Model of "Impact on Business" as a method for demonstrating the value of training efforts to corporate executives.

Join us for this interactive Training Industry, Inc. webinar, sponsored by GP and Bersin & Associates, as we present practical industry information on how to effectively and efficiently implement a learning measurement strategy.
In this one-hour webinar, we will:

  • Discuss the evolution of learning measurement

  • Provide criteria for an effective measurement process

  • Address aligning training measures with business measures

  • Discuss the elements of the Bersin Impact Measurement framework

  • Present methods for measuring learning organizational effectiveness

  • Demonstrate improved operational efficiency of the learning organization

  • Share case examples of learning measurement strategies

Computer Security & Privacy
Thursday, July 22, (12:00 PM - 1:00 PM)
Innovation Center, CT 107

Please join us for discussions related to various computer related security topics. This session will be lead by Robert Clifford, who is CSCC's Information Security program coordinator.
We will be looking at:

  • Security trends (spam, phishing)

  • Computer security

  • Smartphone security

  • Internet security (protecting your privacy while online)

  • Copyright laws & how they impact CSCC

  • CSCC's Red Flag program

A general Q&A session will follow. Grab your co-workers and join us in learning how we can be better stewards of our computers both at work and at home.


newsletterHealth and Wellness
What do cool showers and shopping malls have in common? It’s all part of this month’s health and wellness newsletter. Also included: skin cancer prevention, beating the heat, and a new barbecue chicken recipe. (Read the newsletter) 




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on the phoneDialing into the Delaware Campus
If you need to reach the Delaware Campus the main phone number is 740-203-8000. That number actually rings to the phone center on the Columbus Campus where operators will connect callers to the department or person needed in Delaware.

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Columbus State Makes the Grade: A+
Citing steady improvements in operations and enrollment, Standard & Poor’s (S&P) has upgraded Columbus State Community College’s long-term rating to “A-plus” from “A,” and from a “stable” to a “positive” outlook. Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Terri Gehr says, “We are really pleased to receive an upgrade on both our rating and outlook.  Having an independent agency like Standard & Poor’s spotlight the measures we have taken to maintain the College’s financial stability is affirming.  It is especially gratifying during these challenging economic times.”

The Bond Buyer – a public finance daily newspaper – recently quoted an S&P analyst who believes conservative budgeting by the school’s management has led to consistent operating surpluses. Susan Carlson says, “The rating action reflects Columbus State’s strong operating performance over time, strong enrollment growth, and expense flexibility, all of which, in our opinion, positions the college well for any future declines in state operating appropriations.”