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The Columbus State Leadership Institute is a nine-month leadership development experience designed to develop personal leadership and competencies related to leading change.
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Summer enrollment up 6.8%

graphicAs of the official census date of July 11, enrollment for Summer Quarter 2011 was 19,699 paid students as compared to the summer 2010 headcount of 18,444.
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Columbus State climbs into top 40 of degree producers

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Columbus State continued a strong showing in Community College Week magazine’s 2011 annual Top 100 Associate Degree and Certificate Producers.
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July 25, 2011

FoE committees conclude “First College Year” work

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Foundation of Excellence Dimension Committees met July 15 to vote on action items.

The first phase of Columbus State’s involvement in the Foundations of Excellence (FoE) process concluded with a wrap-up session Friday, July 15. Nine Dimension Committees had previously completed the process of compiling evidence-based action items that will improve our first-year students’ college experience. On July 15, each of the Dimension Committees met as a large group to review and prioritize the 25 recommendations that came from those action items.

The day began with the group breaking into cross-functional teams, with one representative from each Dimension Committee on each team. The cross-functional teams provided insights and perspective from their individual committee and jointly discussed the merits of each recommendation. People then joined their original Dimension Committee teams and further discussed the action items, incorporating these new perspectives into their discussion. From there, the entire group was given electronic clickers in order to vote on each recommendation.

Voting consisted of ranking each of the 25 recommendation as to whether it would have high, medium, low, or no impact on improving our first-year students’ experiences.

The day ended with a celebration of the successful completion of this first phase of FoE and remarks from President Harrison, who indicated that the results will be integrated with other current work that focuses on student success and attainment to drive the majority of our college-wide strategy.

The second phase of the Foundations of Excellence process, which focuses on transfer students, was also launched at the July 15 meeting. Watch Update for more information as Phase II moves along.

Interested in Yammering a little?

logoMore than150 employees have joined Columbus State’s Yammer social network and are sharing announcements, ideas and questions about our work. To introduce more people to the network and demonstrate how it can foster input and exchange from everyone at the college, members are holding a "Yammer Summer Camp."

Just like summer camps where you can explore an interest, Yammer Summer Camp will be a camp you attend from your desk and work into your day when you have time. Employees will volunteer to moderate a few days of discussion on a topic of personal or professional interest. Simply join the group, or "camp," for that discussion.

Yammer has a simple Facebook-like interface, and its membership is limited to employees with a "" email address.  Participation in Yammer is entirely voluntary! To learn more about using Yammer, view Yammer in 5 Minutes:

How to participate
1. Join our Yammer network. Go to and enter your email address. You will be prompted to create a password. (During the set-up process you will be prompted to install desktop Yammer software. While not required, it is recommended for receiving notices of new posts.)

2. Look for the "Groups" heading on the left side. Some listed groups are open and others are private. Any group beginning with "Camp" is an open group created for Yammer Summer Camp. Read the descriptions for each and join groups of interest. You can also go to the "Events" section to see camps listed by start date. Look for the event "Yammer Summer Camp," starting August 1, for directions on creating and participating in a camp.

Questions? Contact Rich James.